We just migrated our groupwise from NW to SLES10 and updated it to GW8hp2 in
a single go but i'm left with a few backup related questions.
I was snooping around on how its supposed to be done and the general trend
seems to be to use dbcopy but there seem to be a few differences in how
people actually do it.
For reference, our system is a single PO and domain (225ish users, rougly
20Gb) with the document storage inside the PO running on SLES10sp2.
I was thinking of using dbcopy to populate the restore area and from there
poor it onto tape.

- From what i can tell some people use gwtmstmp to timestamp the PO
beforehand, is this needed for anything ?
- Do i need to do anything special for the document store inside the PO ? I
did the actual migration with -m -b to copy everything in a single go while
the system was down, it seems that some people do a normal dbcopy and then
one with -b for the PO.
- Is there anything else I need to keep into account for disaster recovery ?