Running on NW6.5 SBS SP3
BM 3.8 SP3
NICI 2.6.7
NMAS 2.65
Using Craig Johnson's proxy.cfg file revision 17.

When I load proxy either at startup or after unloading and reloading it, I get the following on the Proxy Cache Screen:

Reading NDS configuration information
2482 DNS cache entries read from sys:/etc/proxy/pxyhosts file.

Cache is using 64 directories (configured with 64) on 1 volumes
Cache successfully initialized with 22720 objects (0 files ignored).
Initializing SAS ....
Waiting for Directory Services to initialize before SAS login.
Invalid KeyID.
SAS initialization failed.
SSL initialization failed. Disabling SSL authentication
NNTP Proxy Using Configured Primary Domain Name
License Auditing Service Module Initialized
TCP/IP Addresses Bound On This Server:, 6X.XXX.XXX.146
Configured Services:
NNTP Proxy at TCP/IP address 6X.XXX.XXX.146:119
Proxy Requesting Client at all TCP/IP addresses:1045
HTTP Proxy at TCP/IP address
FTP Proxy at TCP/IP address
NNTP Proxy at TCP/IP address
HTTP Proxy at TCP/IPX address 058AC3EA:000000000001:1F90
Proxy SSL Listener at all TCP/IP addresses:444
MiniWeb Server at all TCP/IP addresses:1959

pkidiag tests clean and certificates seem ok.

In NWadmin32 under BM setup... Authentication, I moved the SSL listening port to 444 from 443, but this made no difference. BM is the last thing to load after both Apache and Tomcat. I am currently delaying its load by 20 seconds.

Any ideas?