I have Windows servers and workstations with ZCM 10.1.3 installed.
I have 32 bundles created - some apply to only certain eDir user groups
but most apply to all users.
I would like the bundles to apply to all workstations, only in one IP
subnet for the moment, but not apply to the terminal servers.

I have a requirement that excludes the servers, their addresses are in a
different subnet, but under Bundle Status, User Assignments - Devices
Effective - I see the devices excluded by the bundle requirements listed
as a failed installation on some bundles.

It looks like the requirement is being ignored sometimes and the bundle
installation failed because the user does not have the access rights on
the server to install the bundle.

I'm also seeing bundles that should be excluded from the servers, listed
as pending!

Is there something I can do to guarantee that these bundles are
definitely excluded from attempted installation to the terminal servers?