I used acceleration (reverse proxy) since many years for ftp, netstorage and other Web access to my internal servers with BorderManager.

We are a College and a new external Web Portal from other company must authenticate students and employees via my internal LDAP tree.

I try to configure Static NAT for let them access via ldap port 636 without success...

I try on a new test server with BorderManager and same result : not working.

I added secondary ip address in same range and simply add it in my static nat.
I unload ipflt just trying to access my server via ftp, http, ldap and nothing :(

I don't work with Static Nat since about 8 years with BM. So, I probably miss a simple settings.

Here my Inetcfg Protocol configuration
TCP/IP Status : Enabled
IP PAck : Enabled("router")
RIP : Enabled
OSPF : Disabled
Lan Static ROuting : Enabled with my gateway of course
Dead Gateway Detection : Disabled
SNMP Manager Table :
DNS Resolver Conf : my ISP DNS
Load Balancing : Disabled
Faul tolerance : Enabled
Outbound VIPA : Disabled
FIlter support : Enabled
Nat Implicit filtering : Enabled
Expert Configuration Options : All disabled

Nothing special in Inetcfg binding... Only Static Nat And Dynamic Nat on my public Address