Hello to everyone,

I have read previous threads and TID's and I believe I understand the issues regarding SID changing causing problems on machines where NICI is installed and NMAS is used. I have seen some of these issues in the organization I am working with, for example when the desktop group decided to change the SID's on in production workstations, users were unable to sign back in after the screen saver lock with NMAS errors. I know how to work around this by changing the filesystem rights in the NMAS folder, etc. I've made the issue known and they know not to do this anymore.

What I'm curious is though, what is the LATEST word on how to incorporate (or not incorporate) the Client32 in an image for new machines....right now our desktop group has been setting up machines for years using 4.90 SP1A on their image, without NMAS, and then when a user (this should be the tech) logs in for the first time they get an ACU of 4.91SP4. However I am 99% sure that NICI IS installed onto the image. Then they use ghostwalker to change the SID. According to some older TIDs this would be a big problem. However before the image is made normally the machine is never logged into NDS or if so it's a generic PC tech account. So I am wondering if this matters as far as the end user's local account, which will be handled by DLU....do the problems that would come up only apply to users who were created before the image (SID change) took place? I am also wondering if the fact that they get an upgrade as soon as the first user logs in fix any issue, because they get an upgraded NICI along with the NMAS?

Really I would like to understand the direction in which to give to the desktop group regarding images and the novell client. They are very set in their process of imaging with ghost and changing SID with ghost walker. I told them as soon as I set up the ACU of Client32 NOT to include the new client in their images for fear of problems....but if there's a way to accomplish it without problems I would like to know. One problem with this company is that there are 20 different models of workstations in production, getting the group to update older images will be next to impossible. And when I've suggested creating newer images without any novell client at all, I got a huge amount of push back....however perhaps we could set something up where it would automatically install upon first boot, post sysprep etc.

So do the experts out there with experience in this matter....I would genuinely appreciate the help....