I was just curious if this is possible and if so how do I configure it. We are currently running Windows XP sp3 environment with Novell Client 4.91 sp2 and ZENWorks DM 7 sp1 ir3. I have configured my zen to use DLU when user logs in and the user is non volatile, it should look for an existing account I have specified and use that account. This all works fine and as expected. I beleive when this happens the user windows user account password is encrypted. Therefore if I then log off and attempt to do a workstation only login, the account now has a password which I don't know what it is, essentially disabling workstation only login. Is there a way I can get the best of both worlds i.e. use the dlu and advantages of ZEN on the machine as well as still allowing workstation only login when required. Please correct me if I am wrong as I'd really like to fix this if possible.