the ways I hate Microsoft and it's licensing practices. Other than MS
over-complicating licensing in hopes of better profits, actually getting
the licenses is another problematic issue. I bought terminal service
licenses, but have no idea where to get them. Last time I had to deal
with them they sent a certificate for them. I got my CDW rep working on
it for me though.

The second problem I have isn't as much to do with Microsoft directly as
it does indirectly. I can't seem to get SQL Server 2000, not that I
really want it. However, to my misfortune, the main program here
requires it. Why? Because the people who developed our software
decided that MS made SQL Server 2005 to hard to program with. So they
are leap frogging SQL Server 2005 and going directly to 2008. (I have
names for them, but they aren't appropriate here.)