OK, so here's the situation. We need to replace our antiquated eTrust AntiVirus (our support contract ran out and we no longer get definition updates) with McAfee VirusScan. Honestly, I thought the hard part would be removing eTrust (there's no uninstall script so I had to build an app that manually removes the files and the registry keys). But in fact, the eTrust uninstall runs perfectly; it's the McAfee install that seems to kill the machine.

We created a custom install of McAfee that runs as a silent install, then we call the install from a ZEN application (force run). If it runs from Application Launcher/force run, it locks up the machine for about twenty minutes after which it's all you can do to reboot somewhat gracefully, and when it comes back up, McAfee is not installed properly. If you run the executable outside of ZENworks, it runs flawlessly, taking about 2 minutes to install and then prompts the user to reboot.

I have these applications chained so that the eTrust uninstall runs first, then the McAfee install runs. One thing we found is that if we allow McAfee to update as part of the silent install, that's the point where it locks up. We manually updated the definitions in the package and then took the update option out of the install, and that seemed to work on one workstation but not on others. It's very strange.

I've also tried first pushing the installation files down to the workstation and then running them locally but that doesn't seem to make any difference. Like I said, if you run the install directly it works fine but through ZENworks it kills the machine and doesn't install properly.

I've got about 500 machines I need to update and I really don't want to have to do them by hand (isn't that why we got ZENworks in the first place?). Any thoughts/ideas? I'm at the end of my rope. I've never had an application behave this badly before, and I've been building ZEN apps for about 10 years now.