Hi All,

I'm working in Zen 7 now, but hope to switch shortly to ZCM 10.2. We use only eDirectory and Windows XP SP3 clients.

I need help implementing folder redirection. I am new to all this. So far I have a dynamic local user policy in place (using eDir credentiles and Volatile user, so no info is saved to the PCs) along with a roaming profile (though I'm not sure where to store them yet).

Now, I want users' My Documents and possibly other shell folders, to be redirected to a different location on a server (and we need to use many different servers). I have gotten as far as adding the HKCUUserShellFolders.adm file into the Windows Group Policy and I can see the settings for the Shell Folders. Instead of the default path, I put \\server\volume\%username% or P:\ in there. But still the docs are saved into the user's documents folder in his "Windows NT 5.1 Workstation Profile."

If anyone can tell me what (of the many!) things I'm doing wrong, that would be great! Thanks so much!!!