Looking at the OES2 SP1 documentation here:

Novell Documentation

I'm at the "migrating" section where you basically migrate the VLDB by adding a second replica site.

I'm confused by step 3b and 3f

3b says to select an NSS volume.

3f says to enter the path as: vol:\directory (but then says the default for Linux is /var/opt/novell/dfs)

The iManager screen say for Linux to enter:

So which is correct? If I'm to choose an NSS volume as per step 3b, then how can /var/opt/novell/dfs be an NSS volume?

And why does 3f say to use vol:\directory and then later say to use /directory/path

So do I have to make an NSS volume on OES2 and if so, do I use: vol:\directory?

or do I use: /media/nss/VOL/directory

If I do NOT have to use NSS, then can I put the VLDB on the EXT3 partition on the OES2 box that's NCP enabled?

Or what?

(I'm am currently using DFS on NSS on NetWare cluster and the VLDB resides on two standalone servers right now--at the time we installed and setup DFS there was no cluster support at the time).