I am just learning about OES and linux -so I am pretty much a novice. I hope to be efficient at it eventually. Anyway, since we are more than likely going over to OES2 linux - I have a responsibility to make sure that the backup tape drive is compatible. Well, I have googled, and searched on Novell, but nothing that states - "YES the IBM, LTO gen 3 part number xxxxx will work with OES 2". The closest thing I have come to this is that "OES is compatible with a wide range of tape drives and other hardware". I realize that the OS is on top of SLES - and the IBM site says that it is compatible with SLES 10 - does this mean that what is compatible with SLES is compatible with OES 2 - because of the Linux base? I want to understand this - and this may be a dumb question, but have to take baby steps at first - so I apologize for my ignorance. Any help/clarification will be greatly appreciated.