Hello everyone,

We are testing the new SuSE Linux Enterprise 9 (SLES) at our company.
We already got a Novell Client for Linux running. By the way,
Novell offers 2 Clients for Linux, first for Novell Linux OS
and second for SLES. The Client for SLES didn't worked on SLES, so
we tried the one for Novell Linux OS which works perfect.

Now we want to setup a TrendMicro Viruswall on that computer for
test purposes, but neither the viruswall nor konqueror is able to
connect to the internet. When I try to connect to e.g. www.yahoo.com,
konqueror displays a Login Page from the BorderManager. But even if
enter the needed data and try to login, nothing happens. Our other
workstations run on Windows 2000 / XP, they use the CLNTRUST.EXE to
authentificate to the BorderManager.

I have searched the internet for solutions and hints but did not find
a solution for our problem. Is there maybe a CLNTRUST for Linux or
another way to authentificate to the BorderManager? We don't to
diaable the need for authentification to the BorderManager. I found
some attempts on the internet, to disable the TLS encryption in
konqueror and to use SSL authentification with an issued certificate
from the BorderManager. But we want a CLNTRUST.EXE-like authentification,
depending on the rights a corresponding user has.

Anyone knows a solution and can explain me what to do?

Thanks for your effort and help
David Bayer