Setup VPN (new style) on BM 3.8 SP3
Just for simplicity 2 rules.
1 to allow me any on network, 2 to allow Internet browsing.

Connection to VPN server with latest client 3.8.9 goes OK, but in policies I
can see only 2 rules
allow all unencrypted traffic
deny all traffic

Seems that the first rule (all for network is not processed)
But even then the Internet browsing goes not work.

I am connecting from client behing Netgear ADSL router using private
addressing 192.168.10.*
VPN tunnel is 192.168.99.*
IP range for VPN is 172.30.254.*

Am I missing something else (followed Craig's bible to the dot)


Using legacy VPN on BM 3.7 is a doddle, 2 min config & all works