A week ago I upgraded my BorderManager 3.8 server from NW 6.0 sp4 to NW 6.5
sp3. The upgrade seemed to proceed smoothly, but since then the server has
been having some issues. Along with BM 3.8 I am using SurfControl for
content filtering. The server has 1.5 GB RAM. Using an Adaptec 29160 SCSI

I have three traditional cache volumes defined for use with
BorderManager. Cache01, Cache02, and Cache03. When I down the server it
will usually, but not always, hang when attempting to dismount these
volumes. I get no error messages, the down process just hangs at that
point. I have been able to dismount the volumes after stopping the BM
services and CPFilter. Not sure if this works all the time or just by
random chance, haven't done enough testing. Also, if I attempt to view the
contents of any of the Cache volumes
from a workstation with Windows Explorer, Explorer gives me a message that
the volume is unavaible. I can view other volumes on this server.
BorderManager is functioning, the users are able to use its proxy services
as usual. CPU utilization is also running consistantly at >85%.

Any ideas?


Brad Johnson