I have BM3.9 SP1 running on NW6.5 SP6 that will run quite happily for about a month. My indications that I am beginning to have a problem is that my packet receive buffers shown on the Monitor screen begin to climb, but they seem to be increasing at night, when the proxy usage is the lowest. Throughout the day there can be up to 1000 users (or more) running through this box. It is set up with dual gig fiber ethernet cards, one public - connected to a dedicated 10Mb internet connection (that typically runs at about 9.8Mb all day long) and the other is on our private internal network. The only big thing that the proxy does at night is to download the signature update for Surfcontrol. Is there any way to find out what is causing the buffers to climb or am I expecting too much from one server (this server replaced a BM38 on NW6.0 that didn't have these issues)?