I currently have NSM v 2.00.33 installed in my environment. The Engine and Sentinel Event Monitor are on a NetWare 6.5 sp6 server. I also have seven Sentinel Event Monitors on our seven NetWare 6.5 sp6 Regional servers. I will be migrating (Transfer ID) the server which hosts the Engine and a Sentinel to a SLES10 OES2 server (new hardware). I'm really not finding in the documentation how I perform this type of upgrade/migration for NSM. I know I have to run the Engine on Netware. I will be keeping a current Netware box in service for awhile so I plan on using this server to host the Engine. (Patching to sp7 or sp8 to accommodate v 2.5 of course). My question is how do I upgrade to v 2.5 and migrate the Engine to this remaining Netware server. And how do I upgrade to v 2.5 my seven Regional servers. Do I need anything on the SLES10 OES2 server. The SLES10 OES2 server hosts all the data which NSM is managing. I can't grasp the differences between what was a Sentinel and now called Agents. Is this simply a name change? Is what is called an Event monitor for Linux the same as the former Sentinel now called Agents for Netware. Would this be easier if I completely decommissioned NSM v 2.00.33 and started over with v 2.5? Is there a class for this? Thanks for your assistance.