Having same issue as a number of others on this forum of the Z icon disappearing. A workaround for now is to kill the ZenNotifyIcon task and relaunch it.

So, I decided to run a script with ZAC REF so a refresh would always be available to users. However, it doesn't appear to be working like the right-clicking on the GUI ZenNotifyIcon and clicking Refresh.

ZAC REF does appear to run and it shows updating the workstation and user info, policies, etc... but yet if I assign an application object and then run ZAC REF, the icon does not appear. But when I right-click and hit refresh from the ZenNotifyIcon, the application icon shows up fine on the desktop.

1) Any ideas on if there are any other parameters to pass to get ZAC REF to work?

2) Any idea if the missing Z icon (sporadic) is an issue Novell is still working on?