Hi all,

I'm having an issue installing a new NetWare 6 server into a NetWare 5.1 tree.

I ran nwdeploy and did the network prep. from the NW6sp5.iso. I then began the install of the new server. Everything seems to work okay up until the point where I'm installing components. It validates the components selected, and then prompts me to authenticate to continue.

I've tried entering the admin username and password multiple times and it keeps failing authentication for some reason.

I've tried using admin as the username and specifying RRC in the context field, I've tried using.admin.rrc (Our tree name is CAP_PSC, the Organization is RRC and the admin object lives in that context) as username with a blank context field, i've even tried cn=admin.o=RRC as the username with a blank context field. None of these works, yet from a client machine i've verified all of this. From a client machine I can log in with the same username, context and password.

What am I missing here?

At this point I can see the new NW6 server and it's associated objects in the tree, so I'm pretty sure everything's worked up to this point.