I have a staff intranet site that is hosted off of the shared drive on our network and under ZEN 7 I had a forced run application that would automatically open the intranet and provide an icon on the desktop to attach to it.

Under ZCM I can get the initial automatic opening, and the icon works as long as there isn't another instance of Firefox open, otherwise I get the following error:

Failed to launch C:\[path to]\firefox.exe. Exit Code:1
There was an error that occurred during an aciton for bundle Staff Intranet. Would you like to automatically verify this bundle and attempt the action again?

The page does open, it just also makes this error appear. My launch settings are as follows:
Command: [Path to]firefox.exe
Command Line Parameters: -new-window file:///S:/staffintranetserver/staffweb/coolC27EDU/index.html

If I run the entireline as "firefox.exe -new-window file:///S:/staffintranetserver/staffweb/coolC27EDU/index.html" from the Run or command line it works exactly as I want and opens the intranet under a new window. I have also created the same app as a batch application and ran it under ZCM and it works correctly, but I don't feel that I should have to run this as a .bat. I have also removed all command line parameters so the ZCM app is only trying to open Firefox and I get the same error as mentioned earlier.

Any ideas on why ZCM doesn't like opening a Firefox app if there is currently a Firefox window open? Thanks!