System is a tree with 3 servers all of them SBS 6.5 sp1.

First server is a BM 3.8 with 2 NICs:
- first NIC with a primary public IPaddress (81.x.x.84) and 2 secondary
IPaddresses (81.x.x.83 & 81.x.x.82 with mask
- 2nd NIC with a private IPaddress (

Second server is a WEB with single NIC ( and the third
will has the DNS-DHCP service single NIC (

While pinging from any internal server to a public IPaddress
( - our router) or to www.novell.com, we can see only
incrementing of the sent number while the received remain zero and under
the "TREND' title appears "NO DATA"
In addition the third server (DNS-DHCP) doesn't resolve the DNS name of
www.novell.com or other domain.

Please help