We have a hidden share on an Win2003 box, and we would like to archive to it from our mac clients. We are using groupwise version 8.0.0.hp1.

Our current attempts have been unsuccessful.

We have tried; in the directory locations archive box: we've put in the windows unc and url (smb://server/archive-share$/user), connected to the drive from "connect to server" and used the mount point (e.g. /Volumes/mount-point)

We even tried creating a sym link to the mount point in the user directory since it can archive locally no problem.

The problem seems to be when groupwise wants to write to the directory. I can move and copy files in and out of the share point and the mount point.

The error we've been getting most of the time is "cannot open postoffice files" I've included a screenshot of the error message

Anyone got anything else?