I'm running OES 2 SP1 / SLES 10 sp2.

I installed iFolder that came with OES 2 SP1 (3.7.1x). It's work for the server but for the client, it's not really stable (timeout on a the process simias) and it's slow to start on a windows computer.

I know that I cannot only update the client to 3.7.2. (information from kablink.org) I tried it. It's work but we have a message to update the client to the previous version (3.7.15). I tried to find how to disable the update verification, but I found nothing. Somebody have a clue on this?

So it's seem that my only option to have an functional iFolder for an enterprise is to update the server to the 3.7.2 version from kablink.org.

Now What is the procedure for that? Only run rpm -uhv on my Oes 2 sp1 server? Like in the kablink documentation.

thank you for you help.