Using the consolidate tool (SCMT) but getting SMDR connection errors.

"id admin" returns "no such user"

2 SBE servers in the tree (one for files using NSS and one for email using whatever SBE formats it to)

Samba installed on each server.

admin is part of the Samba group for each server and each Samba group that is LUM enabled. admin user is LUM enabled. Unix workstation object exists for each server.

It has worked in previous tests. What is different this time is there are 2 SBE servers and I installed the Simba update (found under SBE patches) on both.

My guess is that the 2 servers need something changed in order to work together. (I already found that time on the two must be close to get them in the same tree.)

What issues are there working with 2 (or more) servers in the same tree? LDAP? something else?

Not knowing what broke lowers my enthusiasm for SBE (not too high to begin with but that's the direction we've been told to go.) It also doesn't help that SBE iMan selections don't always match what's in the TIDs or documentation.

TIDs used so far: 7001767, 3280667