Hi on Netware, we cluster NFS, so that when the volume fails, the NFS
Export is re-exported on the new current Cluster Node. ( I have to say
this works really well)

However when I read the Novell Documentation for OES2 SP1 Linux it say
NFS Native..... And really doesn't give much more information..

My questions are

1) Is it possible from the cli to Export a NSS volume from OES2 SP1
Linux using the Cluster resource IP Address and not the Host IP address.

2) Should I be exporting /media/nss/VOLNAME (or something else...)

The export seems to work,
DATA on /media/nss/DATA type nssvol (rw,name=DATA,norename)

However when I try to mount the volume I get the following error

mount: block device is write-protected,
mounting read-only

mount: cannot mount block device read-only.

Thanks for any advice