I have a question regarding NLM versions. I am reviewing our server
configurations and using the config reader app, I have noticed that all of
my BM servers are running STREAMS.NLM version 4.2 while all of my other
servers are running STREAMS.NLM version 6.0.

Basic configurations are as follows:

All servers:
Netware 6 w/SP4
Updated TCP modules

Main file servers:
Zen for Desktops 4.0.1 w/IR6

BM servers:
BM 3.7 w/SP3

Additionally, the BM servers have been tuned using performance tuning tips
from Craig Johnson's web site.

Everything is runnig just fine but I was wondering if I should be
concerned about the different versions in STREAMS.NLM and whether or not
the BM servers should have the newer version installed on them. Will this
cause a problem?

Your input is greatly appreciated.

Steve D.