Hi all,

I have created an AddOn image for Office 2003 using ZCC. This has auto created me a .zc files in ther content-repo.

I apply this to the machine during the imaging process and you can see it go thorugh and place the .zc file into the zen cache.

When I then login to the workstation and launch the office install and then view the progress, it shows Downloading and spends a few miutes downloading the bundle from the server?

From what I understand the whole point of addon images was to pre-cache the applications so it doesn't need to download them from the server.

Can anyone think of what i'm doing wrong? In the imaing bundle I am adding a Linked Application Bundle and pointing it to the Office Install Bundle.

The Office Bundle then has an install MSI event to install the bundle when the user clicks the icon.

Cheers, Matt.