I am trying to find ways to automate the process of moving between a Novell Zenworks environment to a server 2008 domain. The first problem to my understanding is changing the names of the machines to legal values in our Windows XP Pro Clients. They are currently mostly named, cata_rm#_computer# (where # is a defined value set manually). To my understanding underscore _ is an invalid character for joining a domain so we want to have an automated script that can easily be deployed over the network to basically replace all "_"with "-". Is this necessary or can this issue be handled easier ****her down the road on moving to a windows domain?

We would then like to be able to deliver a payload via zenworks that will cause all of Novell and Zenworks to be removed from the computer and once that is complete add the computer to the new windows domain. Ideally the payload could be easily run from a network share or flash drive as well. Unattended installers may be available for this software suite but we would want to combine the uninstall process with adding the domain so we can move from our poor zenworks domain to a windows domain without ever touching most of our machines.

This is not my project but I am interested in learning how this process could be completed as painlessly as possible hopefully learning something along the way. Anything from links to guides on where to get started looking to more developed solutions would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for any assistance you can provide.