I have recently installed ZCM SP2 as an upgrade on a SLES 10 server, ran the most recent updates, etc... The first system that I'm trying to migrate from our old ZEN 7 to ZCM is the Imaging services, but right now I'm running in to an issue that I've seen all over the boards that applied to Dell laptops, but I'm getting it with HP desktops and I never really found an answer.

When I try to PXE boot, I start going through the process of getting to the PXE menu, but it stops short. I have identified the problem as being with the TFTP agent as I receive the following error(s) repeating (note that the last digit in the port changes every time it repeats):

File sent to --> nvlnbp.sys
Received error packet from client: 0 --> TFTP Aborted
Read requests from failed:
Error in sending an OPTION ACK packet

I installed this server with a fresh ZCM SP2 installation, but once the update engine started checking for updates I noticed that 10.1.1, 10.1.2a, 10.1.3 and SP2 (10.2) all appear under the available updates, which I thought was a little odd and I have not yet applied them. Based on the other pages that I read the 10.1.2/3 updates were supposed to fix some of the Dell issues, but I'm not sure if I should apply them since it seems to be backtracking. Should I apply them or is there another fix that I'm missing for this issue? Thanks!