I upgraded our GroupWise 7HP3 back end over the weekend to GroupWise 8HP2. All of my clients are on GroupWise 7 Clients (ranging from 7.0 to 7.0Sp3) and a few issues have popped up:

1. The properties of the email can no longer be viewed. When attempted to view the properties they get a File download prompt for GW_xxxx.tmp file as well as a "Navigation to the webpage was canceled". Any ideas on this?

2. Calendar items sent to themselves are auto accepted. I have read this is by design, but is there anyway to bypass this?

3. When composing an email they can no longer to "Strikeout" option when composing an email.

Any help would be appreciated. As of now, we cannot move forward with the GroupWise 8 Client roll-out because of application incompatibilities.