I'm having an issue with the vostro 1520 laptops with the netcard not working once zenworks loads.

Zenworks version 7 SP1 IR3a HP3 - Image resources from may 09

The netcard vendor ID = 10ec device ID = 8168

F4 screen shows "r8169: eth0: link down"

ifconfig -a shows no inet addr and massive RX dropped packets

I've tried to static with ifconfig eth0 <IP> but even with the static I get nowhere.

Tried both with PXE and boot cd both to same effect.

Played with every BIOS option imaginable with no change.

I've just simply ran out of ideas from my minimal level of experience with Linux, I think I'm going to try and just image from an external drive for now but I am going to need to get the PXE working sooner or later, any ideas greatly appreciated.