DFS VLDB on NetWare (working fine)
DFS VLDB on OES2 SP1 (seems to be working fine) located on an NSS volume.

So there's ONE management context
and one replica site with two replicas (if my terminology is correct)

The question is:

When I had the VLDB on both NetWare servers, I could go into iManager on either server and manage the replica site and it would show both servers in green.

However, if I use iManager on the OES2 server and select the OES2 server and view the site, I see IT's replica as green, and the NetWare one as "site connection failed".

If I use iManager on NetWare and select the NetWare server and view the sites, I see just the opposite (I see the NetWare server green, and the OES2 site as "site connection failed".

I am unable to use iManager on OES2 and select the NetWare server. I get:
File Protocol error occurred: cannot open the NSS version file on the selected server. The NSS software may not currently be running on this server.

Is this normal? Meaning the "cross platform" results in site connection failures?