Sigh. Been posting to the Portlock Storage Manager Forum for about a year
now looking for an answer to the question "Will PSM 5.0 support copy/move of
NSS pools/volumes larger than 2TB - ie larger than what can be contained in
a single disk partition?"

Today I finally got the answer I _wasn't_ looking for - "no". But they are
thinking about adding it to a future version - no timeframe specified. Well
over a year ago they posted the same answer, except they said they were
looking at supporting this in the forthcoming PSM 5. But now they are not.

Good grief, NSS has had 8TB pool support ever since it came out; PSM 5 has
been in development for 2 years. What the hell have they added as a new
feature in PSM 5 - that is justified by 2 years of development?

So now I have the awesome prospect of doing a data migration (from one SAN
to another) for a 3.5 TB pool. Preferably something that doesn't take a
week. Let's play with numbers for a minute.

Let's say I need this migration to take no more than 48 hours - what data
transfer rate would I need to have?

3,500 GB in 48 hours = 73GB/hr = 1.2GB/min = 20MB/sec.

Easy! Oh but I may need double that if the move consists of a non-parallel
read/write operation such as tape backup and restore. I can see maybe
getting that on backup, but no way on restore. So I need some other
method...( I realize at this point in this posting that I am almost asking
for support and/or talking to myself; so I apologize. But I am still gonna
keep going, you of course can stop reading at any time and also need not
respond at all or respond in a completely off-topic way...whatever.)

Okay, how about the SCMT? Will it do an in-server filesystem migration? I
see someone has asked that very question in the proper forum :-)

Or how about DST? Setup a new pool/volume on the new san and make the old
pool the shadow or something like that - obviously I haven't taken a close
look at DST and what I need to make it work and whether or not it is limited
in some way that makes it inappropriate for my plan...

Ideas Welcome!