We've enabled CIFS and are starting to uninstall our netware clients. Our users currently have an edirectory password and a Actvie Directory password since we're running both directories. IDM syncronizes passwords both directions.

When we remove the novell clients of some users, both the edir and ad accoutns gets locked incessantly until we reset the users passwords on both the edir and ad side to something new.
Before we uninstall the novell client, their passwords are fine.
What would trigger the account lock outs just by uninstalling the novell client? We are set for domain authentication on Netware and CIFS, so I don't think we need to deal with simple passwords from what Im reading. Also, I don't even think it should login to edirectory, it should just look at ad?

What are some things we can look for?
We'd like to be able to uninstall our novell clients from our xp desktops en masse, nad not have to worry about triggering incessant account lock outs . Thanks.