Please Help:
We just get in to the network a second SBS6.5 Server with many alternatives,
with SP2, and SP3, in to the same TREE, with different server License, but
in every single time when the second server get in the network suddenly in a
random time the second sever FREZZEEE, with the message CPU HALT, but if we
never get in to the network, never HANGS, with BorderManager 3.8 and just
with HTTP Proxy

With the PHP 4.3.10
Apache 2.0

Server ML110 1GB RAM P4 3.0
Proliant PII 512MB RAM

Any Help will be appreciated

Best Regards

Ing. Mario López
Protech International, S.A. de C.V.
Tels: 2643-0001/2643-0002/5762-0123