On my clean 10.2 server I am receiving the following error on the patch management portion:

Device Alias: wayne -
Device IP Addresses:,
Error: [5/30/09 12:25:37 PM] ImportContent AddContentHandler.MSG_ADD_CONTENT_FAILURE Error while importing content system-update/cc913970c3f41c6ed18e107a68f290e4/novell-zenworks-system-update-server-10.1.3.msi into the system.

Does patch management assume that all installations are just an upgrade as opposed to a straight 10.2 build as I have done on this server? I still do have my 10.1.3 server as my production as of this time. I my rollout I found out that sysprep was done on any of the systems here so I have the same SID on all workstations:(( I felt it was best to just build a new server and then migrate system with changed SID to the 10.2 server. I used my same patch management license on the 10.2 server as well as the 10.1.3. Both are now running. Does patch link think this is the 10.1.3 server???