I keep seeing this happening, so I'm not sure what the problem is.

Normally, a Linux machine is a stable machine, especially when you pay for an enterprise-level product. Occasionally, you apply updates, to fix things like security issues and so on.

So of the several ways on a SLES10-SP2/OES2-SP1 machine, I often like using the 'rug' command to check for updates (rug lu) and then installing them (rug up). But lately, I've noticed that if I just let my machine sit for a few days, like say, a week or longer, then maybe for no real reason whatsoever, I log onto the command line and run "rug lu", it says "Waking up ZMD...", and then just sits there forever.

I've since learned that to basically run updates, I have to reboot the machine, then run "rug lu" (and possibly "rug up" if I see something worth updating) before ZMD goes to sleep again. This is not normal behavior of how an update agent should work.

So my question is:
1. Can I make ZDM stop going to sleep? It doesn't address the real or underlying problem, but should smooth things over for now.
2. Or, is this a known problem, and has it already been fixed in some obscure TID someplace?

My apologies if someone reads this as a little too snarky or cheeky, but it seems Novell's Linux offerings still have quite a few kinks to work out, especially the OES stuff. My NetWare box? Runs without complaint. Ditto on my Windows systems. Even my Gentoo machines at home run with less complaint. I still have a machine that's effectively "stuck" at OES2 because of a bad update to libzypp that came out and made it impossible to migrate to OES2-SP1 without a full-blown re-install. Something I may not have the time to do for another few months, possibly longer (even though I've since patched said libzypp, I lost my subscriptions to the proper catalogs, so updates are dead). So hopefully the cheekiness will be understandable as I seek solutions to these problems.

Thanks! :)