My actual LAN is a tree with 3 servers 2 of them NW 6.5 SBS sp1 and a NOWS SBE 2 (SLES):
1.NW 6.5 sp1 - Border Manager (Firewall)
2.NW 6.5 sp1 - GroupWise, DNS-DHCP, iFolder, iPrint
3.NOWS SBE 2 (starter pack) - WEB site with PHP and MySQL

I saw that the Amanda backup software on NOWS SBE 2, installed “Basic Mode”, can backup on Hard Disks.

My questions are:

1.Is it possible to set Amanda or the NOWS SBE 2 server, to backup to a volume on any of the Netware volumes? How?
2.I have a WD MyBook Essential Edition External Hard Drive 500GB USB 2.0, but it works with MS-Windows only. Can it be set to work wish Linux\Suse too? What external USB Hard Disk will work with Amanda-Suse?