When I went through the ZCM 10.2 upgrade, I received this error message

"The device was unable to rebuild the deployment packages. Check the
loader-messages.log on the device for more details"

The server does seem to be upgraded (the ZAM, ZCM and ZPM versions
listed on the configuration page are all 10.2.xxxx), but the update will
not go to "baselined" status. The only error I was able to find in the
log was low disk space. I have resolved the disk space issue, but the
10.2 update will not run again and I think that my agent packages and
such did not get upgraded. (if I download the agent, it is the 10.1
version and there is a "satellite server" section, but it is empty). Is
there a way to force the update to reapply? This is ZCM installed on
SLES 10 SP2.