I just upgraded my NSM 2.0 today to 2.5. Everything seemed to go smoothly
but when I brought up the event monitor on the same server I am getting
the following message.

2009-06-01 13:28:54 4: M101 Logging Subsystem active. Base debugging
2009-06-01 13:28:54 3: MN: Event Monitored started.
2009-06-01 13:28:54 3: MN: Version: Build Date: Jan 22 2009
2009-06-01 13:28:54 4: MN: eDirectory event registration process is
2009-06-01 13:28:54 4: MN: eGuide manager events are being logged.
2009-06-01 13:28:54 4: HB: Heartbeat thread initialized.
2009-06-01 13:28:54 4: HB: Successfully sent last 1 heartbeats to the
2009-06-01 13:28:54 5: HB: Failed to obtain general status from heartbeat
reply. Marking engine status as not accepting.
2009-06-01 13:29:14 4: ES: SendTransactionData: Failed to parse the
status from the result buffer.

This is happening on both of my event servers and don't know what to do
to fix it. I do have the norm interface shut down so not sure if there
is anything there. Any help would be great.