While deploying the zenworks agent rollout here, I was lucky enough to find out that SYSPREP or something of the likes was never run on any of the system here. Ergo, all systems of the same model number have the same SID's. Welcome to my world:(... So, my thinking was the best course of action was to build a new server, SLES 11 with ZCM 10.2, and then do the following:
unistall the existing 10.1.3 agent from old zcm server
run NEWSID on the workstations
update the latest .NET patching
install an agent from the SLES 11/ZCM 10.2 server

I felt that if I did this on the existing server that it would have ghosts because of the systems having the same SID's before... blah... blah... new server was easy...

But, I have two Dell 690's that I use while in the office. One I built clean and the other was built with a Ghost Image. I can only see one or the other of the systems in the ZCM Console. I have confirmed that the SID's are not the same... I ran the NEWSID before new agent install even though in theory they should have not had the same SID's?

Anyone have a clue as to what I might be missing???