Right now we are in the process of migrating from ZfD7 to ZCM10. We have around 4,000 workstations and 500 or so have been migrated over so far. When we initially installed ZCM it was at version 10.0.0 and the System Deployment and Best Practices Guide did not exist then.

We initially thought that a single server would be fine for the ZCM upgrade but now that more documentation has been released and after reading userís experiences we now know that it will not be enough. The server that we are running ZCM on is a HP with a 2.4GHz dual quad-core Xeon, 4GB of RAM and has either 6 or 8 2.5Ē 15K SAS drives in a RAID6. This single server also has the internal Sybase database on it.

We now are planning on purchasing a new server and migrating the internal Sybase database to it as an external Oracle database. Along with that we are also going to get 2 -3 more primary servers. We are not sure what is recommended for these additional servers. Will the additional Primary servers require lots of storage space since the database will reside on its on itís own server? The content repository will still be on each of the primary servers, correct? If that were the case then lots of storage would be required. If a lot of storage is not a requirement then we were thinking that the additional Primary servers could be put on a couple of blades with two 15K SAS drives in a RAID1.

The ZCM services that we are using are imaging, application management, remote control, Patch Management, and policies. After we are through migrating over we will integrate the ENGL toolkit into our imaging process.

Iím sure I have missed important details but this is what I could think of off of the top of my head. If you have any suggestions please help us in our deployment.