This has been this way forever but I've never gotten around to really
digging into it and persisted through several patches.

Running on Netware 6.5 SP8 (although it didn't work with previous SP7 or
SP6 either)

Zenworks 7 SP1 IR3a HP3 but again it's been broken probably since the
original Sp1..

Way back in the day, on an HP laptop (or any other system), I could hit
F12 to PXE boot and just walk away. It would boot to the network and
image and reboot.

Now I have to hit F12, hold CTRL-ALT and then hit Automatic Mode at
which point it images and reboots. Obviously my imaging rules work
because it goes just fine in Automatic mode, or in Manual if I hit F9.

If I just hit the network boot, it will come up show the BOOT SERVER IP:
with the zenworks server IP then it will correctly obtain an IP address

Finally it says

ZENworks shutting down...
Press any key to continue...

It's not a huge deal, just found it annoying today as I had several
systems that I had to image.

Any thoughts?

My DHCP server is not on the Zenworks server and Option 66 is not set.