In year 2005, I posted a question about problem of sqlite on NFS shared
Netware NSS volume.
You can refer to this link:

It seems it is not supported at that time. I chose to ignore this
problem as I can ask students to use other databases.

However, this problem comes back to haunt me again, this time, there is
no work around.

Firefox 3 uses sqlite database to store bookmarks, its history...

The impact of this is Firefox is NOT working on all user accounts with
their home directories on Netware NSS volume over NFS.

We discovered this problem with recent upgrade our Linux from openSuse
10 to openSuse 11.1. Firefox3 is not working. Many files with name
places.sqlite-NNN.corrupt under .mozilla\firefox\nirfzq6o.default
directory where NNN are numbers in sequence.