Ok.. So I'm trying to figure out this mess with Novell DNS and about the time I think I'm starting to understand it, I read another one of you guys' posts (Marcel, Craig, Massimo, etc) which makes me realize I do not. And the documentation seems to get it flat-out wrong sometimes.

First, I am trying to fix a network with multiple locator objects (6) and dnsdhcp groups. As I understand, TID 10014655 Option #2 helps me out here, but it seems to only go part-way. I get that I can manually modify the locator object with the information gleaned from each of the other, but what about the membership for the dnsdhcp group? Can I manually edit that via LDAP, or should I be doing some re-creation of DNS servers here?

Second, am I right in gathering that any server that is running DNS should hold a replica of the partition that holds the locator object, as well as the rest of the DNS objects for it?

Third, I'm trying to migrate these DNS servers form Netware to OES2 SP1 Linux... but that uses -different- locator objects?