I'm evaluating our company's Citrix XenServer 5.0 platform for suitability to run OES2. I have had initial success but I'm stuck on the upgrade to OES2 SP1. I wonder if anyone here can help?
The first part of the upgrade is not OES2 related just upgrading SLES 10 SP1 to SP2. When OES2 is involved this upgrade apparently must be performed with the server offline by booting from DVD (or an ISO). Is there any "online" method possible

If I boot the XenServer's OES2 XEN domU from the SLES 10 SP2 install ISO it always boots into fully virtualized mode but the domU is usually paravirtualized. The required disk (xvda) is seen natively as hda and the installation (upgrade) tells me I can't mount them and can't continue.

Doing this upgrade under Novell Xen required use of a temporary xen domU configuration to ensure that the ramdisk and kernel were the correct ones and also that the install method and source came from the ISO. The information for that method is here:
Novell Documentation

I can find no similar method for Citrix XenServer.
My initial thought is to modify the boot ISO to ensure that the VM can boot from the ISO using the paravirtulized kernel.
Unfortunately I don't know how to do that yet

Do you have any ideas or resources that might help?
Is there any way to boot a domU VM from DVD or (ISO) and keep it paravirtualized?

I asked this question on the citrix forums but had no reponse.