I had our BM 3.7 server as the firewall with the Outside interface
connected to our router. This past weekend I put a PIX 515 in between the
BM server and the router. Made the Inside interface on the PIX and the
Outside interface on the BM server in the same network and on a different
network than our LAN network (LAN is a 10.1.x.x and made the bridging
network 192.168.251.x). I also turned off Filtering on the BM server by
going into Filtcfg and disabling Packet Forward Filters. I have also
unloaded Filtsrv, IPflt, and IPflt31. I currently have all Internet
traffic hitting the BM server for proxy purposes, then it forwards on the
traffic to the PIX and it lets traffic out. Internet and email traffic are
working fine but I am having a slight problem. Constant apps like a Citrix
connection or other terminal services type programs are losing connection
randomly. Anywhere between 5 minutes and 25 minutes the app will lose
connection. I know it's not the PIX because I was using the same PIX with
the same config (aside from IP address changes) and was using the same apps
over it without any problems up until I put the PIX in between the BM
server and the router. I believe it has to be a setting on the BM server.
I have Network Address Translation disabled for both interfaces on the BM
server but under Protocols, TCP/IP, at the bottom of that page I don't know
if I need to disable Filter support and/or NAT implicit Filtering.

Is there anything anyone can think of that would help with this problem?