I am working on creating a universal Windows XP image for deployment across my organistaion. The image will be deployed to many makes/models of PC & laptop. The h/drive of the computers are divided in such a way that there are 2 partitions (C: & D:) - C: for system, D: for data. The C: partition is roughly 2/3rd's the size of the h/drive whild the D: partition makes up the remaining 1/3rd of the h/drive.

My problem is this - every model of computer does not always come with the same sized hard drive, this can vary.

I have noted that if you create an image on a 20GB h/drive and then deploy this to a 40GB h/drive, there will be 20GB of un-partitioned (unused) space after imaging.

We previously used GHOST to perform imaging, which was able to automatically adjust the partition sizes to fill the whole disk (so that C: will always take up 2/3rd's of the h/drive & D: 1/3rd of the h/drive). Does some similar function exist within ZEN 7 imaging? If not can anyone suggest a way of automatically performing this task (scripting within the PXE environment)?

Many Thanks,