Hi. We currently have a small Novell tree running on a university network, and are looking to add a few remote servers to the tree. The remote locations only have ADSL internet connections will 5 static ips to play with.

What would be the best way to go about adding the remote servers to the tree? Initially we were thinking of just connecting the remote servers straight to the tree over the internet, but I doubt this is a very smart thing to do security wise.

Assuming we already have a firewall / NAT in place at these remote locations, is there a way to setup a secure WAN link without using BM? our uni's site license only covers NetWare 6.5

If we do install a BM server at each end and setup a site - site vpn, will our setup essentially be the same as above, but it will now route the replication traffic over a secure tunnel? (so our main servers will continue to use their current public IP range, and the remote servers will use designated ADSL public ips we are given?