I'm getting ready to move my Netware/Windows servers from DAS to a fiber
channel SAN and am also looking to move from an SDLT600 Quantum Superloader
using SCSI to an LTO system using directly attached FC.

Due to costs and capacity needed in my particular circumstances, I'm leaning
toward LTO-3 over LTO-4.

Most of the vendors I've looked at seem to sell pretty much the same thing
in terms of number of slots/drives when looking at FC direct connect.

I've pretty much settled on getting a 24 slot library with a single LTO-3
drive. I have had good service from my SCSI Superloader, but the price
difference between the LTO-3 FC Superloader and some of the 24 slot
offerings from some of the other companies is substantial.

If I had to guess, I would say that more than one vendor is rebadging the
same product (HP MSL2024, Sun SL24, IBM TS3100), but I'm wondering if anyone
has a particular unit to either recommend or avoid.

Besides the three mentioned above, I'm also considering Tandberg's
StorageLoader T24 (Exabyte Quantum 224) and Overland's ARCVault 24.

Any intelligent input is welcome.