Hello all,

I've read most threads about application ordering, bundle, dependencies etc...
so far I found there's no way to chain applications the same way we used to have in ZDM/ZFS 6/7 - right?
ATM I have some applications just ordered by number, I just want to have those applied first at each stage (e.g. apply registry settings to workstation or user, install some basic things like AV software or update). Those should run before any other (maybe time consuming) software distribution happens.

One example: I want to have some environment variables available depending on the current location (network segment) - ATM this is used in our ZFD6/7 environment: Environment is set there during (novell) user login script, afterwards user assigned installs or executables will run from a share in the current LAN. Workstation assigned software is distributed via ZDM/ZFS using the SOURCE_PATH replacement. So I'm trying to reproduce it using ZCM and without login script (the script runs too late for users, the workstations should get the environment from start without a user logging in).
So I want to have the environment settings done before ANY other application is running (or better said: any application, even a new one, should have this information available).

Any ideas? Questions? :)

BTW. current infrastructure: XP2/XP3 clients in ZDM6/7, single NW servers running ZDM/ZFS in remote locations, software and apps distributed via ZFS and/or other file distribution methods.

Ty in advance